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Chasing the Girl (2015)

Description 2 years
Chasing the Girl (2015)


Release: 2015


Director: Leslie Yeoh

Cast: Xu Nan is Filmmaking class teacher at a university art department, pregnant wife, and he was promoted to full professor, everything is so enviable. A water poisoning incident in the classroom so that he felt is facing life-threatening. In recent days, his side has a lot of strange events, such as the Department of aquarium fish died mysteriously, almost gas poisoned himself in the bathroom at school teaching downstairs was almost hit by a baseball …… in the end is an accident, or someone deliberate murder? This allows Xu Nan panic. Let Xu Nan headache also has its own female students Tang Xiaowan. Tang has been entangled Xu Nan, first call to his home, after saying she was pregnant, and finally to make this at home …… Xu Nan upset endless. Xu Nan received a stranger to express letter, which is full of himself and female students sex photos and bank transfer records. Xu Nan found his home, computers and a variety of places have been installed in the camera. All indications show that their threats and Tang Xiaowan directly linked. However, when Xu Nan Tang Xiaowan want to contact, but found that she seemed to evaporate. Through a variety of ways, Xu Nan Tang Xiaowan found the residence and found themselves involuntarily involved in a murder, the deceased named Don


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